VermiT Bio-Cartridge Retail Kit, 10 gal

VermiT Bio-Cartridge Retail Kit, 10 gal[ VTBK206 ]

$160.38 $270.00

VermiT Bio-Cartridge Retail Kits allow retailers to brew and sell rich, potent compost tea in half-gallon VermiT bags. VermiT Bio-Cartridges are the key to compost tea made with the VermiT Extractor. Cartridges have a dilution ratio of 1:50, which will create 500 water gallons. The included “Awake” and “Frenzy” liquid solutions act as activators of the cartridge when it’s inserted into the VermiT Extractor. The cartridge is for one-time use and lasts up to two years after purchase. The 10-gallon Retail Kit includes two 10-gallon VermiT Bio-Cartridges and eight half-gallon VermiT bags (empty).

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