Violiv Super Wide-Mouth Capped Jar, 200 mL

Violiv Super Wide-Mouth Capped Jar, 200 mL[ VSCJ806 ]

$11.00 $20.00

Violiv Glass Jars allow growers to attractively and discreetly bathe herbs, seeds and other botanicals in beneficial UVA, far infrared and violet rays, while simultaneously protecting the contents from destructive lights. The width and shallow depth of the openings of the Super Wide series enable easier pouring of contents. Light blocking screw-on caps help keep contents fresh and secure. Violiv jars offer unique possibilities for home, pantry and apothecary use. Often used in multiples to stack distinct herbs or seeds by type as well as for use as a table top vitalizing jar for discreet but available accessory storage.

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