Technaflora Soluble Seaweed Extract, 8 oz

Technaflora Soluble Seaweed Extract, 8 oz[ SSE408 ]

$18.47 $28.21

The Norwegian kelp used in our 100% organic Soluble Seaweed Extract™ is celebrated as a highly effective natural plant fertilizer that enhances seed germination, promotes healthy root development, increases disease resistance, and accelerates shoot and stem development. Soluble Seaweed Extract is made from Norwegian kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) harvested from the Atlantic Ocean in eastern Canada and provides more than 60 assorted chelated nutrients and growth enhancers, including an extra potassium boost for plant metabolism. Won't clog drip emitter lines and is a great supplement for use in hydroponic systems, soil gardening or as a foliar spray.

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