HydroLogic Stealth Reverse Osmosis 200 System

HydroLogic Stealth Reverse Osmosis 200 System[ SR202 ]

$203.50 $315.00

Hydro-Logic created the Stealth RO200 reverse osmosis water filtration system to help gardeners maximize plant nutrient uptake and get the best possible growing results. This system removes over 98% of lockout-inducing contaminants from water and is ideal for hydroponic and traditional hobbyists growing organically. The three-stage Stealth RO200 comes with everything needed to filter up to 200 gallons of water per day including carbon filter, sediment filter, reverse-osmosis membrane, tubing and complete instructions. Each has a 3-1 water recovery ratio and comes included with an optional 2-1 ratio. One-year warranty.

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