PRO-MIX BX BIOFUNGICIDE, 2.8 cu ft Loose[ PMBB928D ]

$16.50 $18.00

Peat-based growing medium PRO-MIX® BX BIOFUNGICIDE has been enriched with Bacillus subtilis, a bacterium that colonizes developing root systems to suppress disease-causing organisms that attack roots, such as pythium, fusarium and rhizoctonia. The bacterium also acts as a biostimulant that develops with the growing roots to establish a vigorous root system, resulting in more uniform plant stands after transplantation and greater crop yields. This general-purpose medium is compatible with a wide variety of ornamental plant species, fruit crops and vegetable transplants. 2.8 cu ft loose.

Item will not ship UPS. Must ship on a pallet flat rate only.

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