Humboldt Nutrients Calyx Magnum, 5 gal

Humboldt Nutrients Calyx Magnum, 5 gal[ HCM475 ]

$123.38 $226.60

Humboldt Nutrients Calyx Magnum (2-0-0) provides plants with the vital nutrients needed for development and growth. Calcium, at 3.4 percent, plays an important role in the development of plant tissues, root systems and disease resistance. Magnesium, at 1.4 percent, is an essential mineral used in the process of producing chlorophyll and is critical for the uptake and migration of phosphorus in plants, making it essential for blooming and flowering varieties of plants. Calyx Magnum is biodegradable because it utilizes plant-based amino acids as a chelating agent. It can be applied to all crops and can be used in both hydroponic and soil applications. Calyx Magnum can also be used in foliar application of fertilizer.

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