Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix, 1.5 cu ft

Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix, 1.5 cu ft[ GCM315 ]

$17.47 $25.99

Sourced from the finest coco fiber, Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix™ can’t be matched. This mix of Growstones, triple-washed and buffered coco coir, redwood fiber and added mycorrhizae is specially formulated for heavy-feeding plants in recirculating hydroponic systems or run-to-waste container gardens. Enriched with Xtreme® beneficial microbes, Coco Mix™ allows for more frequent feedings per day while preventing under and overwatering and root rot with its lightweight design and superior aeration. This sustainable, earth friendly medium is made from 100 percent recycled glass and is 100 percent American made.

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