Intermatic Digital Appliance Timer, 15A/125V

Intermatic Digital Appliance Timer, 15A/125V[ DAT100 ]

$30.09 $41.50

Maximize control of lighting systems, fans or other appliances with minimal effort with the 28 on and off settings of the Intermatic Digital Appliance Timer. This 15-amp, 1,800-watt timer automatically adjusts to the time of sunrise and sunset for a dusk-to-dawn setting, and has an automatic daylight savings time option, or can be set on separate schedules based on the day of the week. The large and easy-to-read display depicts the current date and time, and indicates when the battery is running low. This device also has a battery back up for unexpected power outages. Features two timed receptacles for any lamps, appliances, electronics, heaters or fans, and it has a grounded plug.

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