Bluelab Pro Controller Connect (SO Only)[ BPRO500 ]

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Perfect for hobby to large-scale growers, the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ Connect is the simple solution for automatic feeding systems. The Pro Controller Connect consistently monitors, data logs and remotely controls pH, conductivity and temperature in real time, allowing growers to respond to plant needs and troubleshoot quickly. Optimize crop performance with consistent and accurate operation of feeding systems by using the Bluelab Pro Controller to manage the Bluelab Peridoser. It’s the easy way to control a system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, from within the garden or managing remotely. Simply program the controller with the desired conductivity and pH values and tailor the dosing intervals to suit pump size, mixing tank size and the dilution of the stock solution. Choose between controlling either the nutrient solution temperature or the air temperature. The Pro Controller Connect is compatible with the reliable Bluelab Triple Peridoser or solenoid pumps and built tough and strong for ongoing performance. The Peridoser manages the dosing of two-part nutrient solutions (A & B) and either pH up or down. The Bluelab Pro Controller then takes care of the hard work and allows remote control through the Connect software and Bluelab mobile site. One of the simplest and most robust and reliable controllers in its class, the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect includes a two-year warranty with a six-month warranty on the pH probe. This product is available by special order only.

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