Bluelab PeriPod M3 (SO Only)[ BPEM500 ]

$593.34 $899.00

"This is a special order item and will not ship with the rest of your order. There will be additional shipping charges for this item. Please call us at 888-963-3888 for details on the estimated shipping cost and the ETA to receive this item."

Designed to be teamed up with the Bluelab® Pro Controller™ for a fully integrated solution for optimal reservoir dosing, the Bluelab® PeriPod™ is a simple and reliable add-on. The Bluelab PeriPod responds to dosing triggers received from the Bluelab Pro Controller, pumping pH adjusters and nutrient stock solutions as needed into a reservoir using peristaltic pumps. Includes one 120mL/min peristaltic pump for dosing pH adjusters and two 120mL/min peristaltic pumps for dosing nutrient solutions, in addition to four 13-foot lengths of food-grade tubing. Features a rugged wall-mount design, individual pump priming and calibration, and compatibility with Bluelab Pro Controller and Bluelab Dosetronic models. Two-year warranty on the PeriPod; six-month warranty on pumps and tubes. The M3 is ideal for systems that use up to 4.8 gallons of nutrient stock daily (typically 0–900 heavily fruiting plants, or 0–9,000 leafy greens). This is a special order only item.

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